Julian Larry is Rising in the C/O 2020

2020 Frisco Lone Star/ YGC36 6'2 PG Julian Larry

Julian Larry is one of the best PG prospects in the class of 2020 in Texas. The 6'2 silky smooth guard had an excellent summer with YGC36 leading his team to a #19 ranking. Larry is an excellent facilitator with tremendous instincts and big time athleticism. I got a chance to talk with him about his recruitment.

TheTB5Reports: You play QB and PG for your HS, how does playing one position help the other one?

Julian Larry: As an athlete, playing sports in high school allows me to showcase my leadership skills, athleticism, and IQ ability. Also, helps with my footwork and keeps me in shape.

TheTB5Reports: How do you balance playing both sports?

Julian Larry: Good organizational skills and support from my family.

TheTB5Reports: What is one part of your game you feel is underrated?

Julian Larry: I would definitely say my defensive skills. Everyone knows I’m an excellent facilitator and can assist my team in scoring. As a team, YGC36 2020 see ourselves as a defensive minded team so I feel I don’t receive enough credit on the defensive end.

TheTB5Reports: How is your recruitment going? What schools have you heard from?

Julian Larry: My recruitment has been great. I’ve heard from Michigan, Iowa, University Northern Iowa, Colorado State, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana Tech, Sam Houston State, and University of North Texas.

I expect for there to be a lot of coaches in to see Julian in the fall at his high school. His combination of IQ, skill, feel for the game and athleticism make him an attractive target for college coaches.

Kellen C. Buffington


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Rising Senior Guard Marcus Sasser Jr. Trims his List to 4

2019 Red Oak/ Urban DFW 6'2 G Marcus Sasser Jr.

Rising senior guard Marcus Sasser Jr. is the latest in a long line of big time basketball players with that last name. The name Sasser is synonymous with basketball in Dallas, TX. You have Jason Sasser who played at Texas Tech and was selected by the Sacramento Kings in the second round and you have Jeryl Sasser who played at SMU and was a first round NBA selection by the Orlando Magic.

Marcus plays for his uncle Jason Sasser at Red Oak and has become a tremendous basketball player in his own right. Marcus had an outstanding summer leading his Urban DFW team to one of the best records in the state while winning tournament championship after championship. I got a chance to catch up with him and talk about his game and his recruitment.

TheTB5Reports: "What is one part of your game that is underrated?"

Marcus Sasser Jr. : "Underrated parts of my game, I think my ability to make others on my team better and just making the right play."

TheTB5Reports: "What are some things you want to add to your game?"

Marcus Sasser Jr. : "A few things I want to add to my game are being a better leader, being more vocal and also moving without the ball to get a better shot."

TheTB5Reports:  "You just recently put out your final list of schools, what intrigues you about each school?"

Marcus Sasser Jr. : SMU: "It’s nothing like playing right in your backyard. I have a couple of old teammates that go there and also it would be fun to play were my uncle played at."

UTEP: "Has a great fanbase begins them and also a good history behind and their coaching staff just tells me what I need to hear and not what I want."

Colorado State: "Has been recruiting me for a long time and has a great system to develop their players over the years and help them be the best you can be."

University of Houston : "Nice school, nice environment, nice coaching staff, nice fan base and they just have a great style of play. Coach Sampson and I have built a strong relationship through the recruiting process."

TheTB5Reports: "What are you looking for in a collegiate program?"

Marcus Sasser Jr. : "I am looking for the perfect fit for me which is playing in a fast system that lets your players play and just were I can develop my game the most."

Marcus Sasser Jr. is a combo guard who can score from all three levels and make plays for his teammates. He is a tremendous defender that plays passing lanes well. One of these schools will get a tough player who checks a lot of boxes. 


Kellen C. Buffington


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Bryce Cook Picks SMU

2019 Sunrise Christian G Bryce Cook

Bryce Cook has verbally committed to the SMU Mustangs this. The electric 5'7 PG will make his way to the Hilltop as the first commit in SMU's 2019 class. Cook is a dynamic lead guard who can make plays for himself and his teammates off the bounce. He is a tough defender who really harasses opponents with his on ball defense.

TheTB5Reports: "You took an unofficial visit to SMU yesterday, how was it?"

Bryce Cook: "I honestly loved the visit, there were a lot of things I got to see that I hadn't seen there before. They really spent a lot of time and effort making SMU feel like home for me. The main thing I liked about the visit was the family atmosphere."

TheTB5Reports: "What were some of the factors that led to your decision to choose SMU?"

Bryce Cook: "One of the major factors that lead to my decision was coach Jank (SMU Head Coach Tim Jankovich) was completely honest with me just as far as what he thinks of my abilities and how they fit into into the system and their program. They recruited me so hard even with my injury and that was astonishing to me. Coach Jank also does well with small guards and puts them in the right position to succeed. The last factor that led to my decision was we share the same vision as far as me helping take the program to nw heights."

TheTB5Reports: "How did staying close to home impact your commitment to SMU?"

Bryce Cook: "Staying close to home impacted my decision heavily on my commitment to SMU because my family is everything to me, my granny is one of my biggest supporters and loves to watch me play. Staying home and playing at SMU makes her day just seeing me having fun playing the sport I love. I wanted to come back home and play in front of her especially since I'm going to Sunrise in Kansas for my senior year."

TheTB5Reports: "With your commitment out of the way what are you looking to accomplish at Sunrise your senior year?"

Bryce Cook: "A national title, nothing less because I care more about the team success more than my individual success."

Bryce fills a need at the point guard position for SMU and will be expected to contribute upon arrival on the Hilltop.

Kellen C. Buffington


Twitter: @TheTB5Reports