2021 Harrison Ingram is the Definition of 99th Percentile


The world knows about Harrison Ingram the basketball player. He is a consensus Top 30 prospect in the class of 2021. He holds offers from the likes of Baylor, Stanford, UCLA, Kansas, Texas, TCU, Illinois and a host of other Power 5 programs. The 6'7 versatile wing does a lot of things very well on the basketball court. He can score, rebound, pass, defend you name it. He led his St. Mark's team to an improbable run this year to a DISD championship game appearance. These are all things the average basketball person already knows about Ingram.

Harrison Ingram the student might be a better prospect than Harrison Ingram the basketball player. Ingram attends one of the top high school academic institutions in the country at St. Mark's. There is a rigorous process for admission and students leave there prepared to receive an Ivy League degree.

Ingram's ability to excel at both academics and athletics at such a high level isn't the norm. This is one of the attributes that separates him from many of his peers. The ability to lock in and work hard enough to be considered an ELITE student and athlete takes a lot of sacrifice and hard work. I expect for Harrison to be one of the most sought after 2021 prospects in the country over the next two years.


Kellen C. Buffington


Twitter: @TheTB5Reports

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