Division One or Bust??

The 2019 high school season has ended in most states. There are thousands of unsigned seniors across the country who all have had dreams of playing college basketball at the Division One level. That means there are thousands of players and parents who are panicking and even worse not listening to strong collegiate programs at the D2, D3, NAIA and Junior College levels. This is a common theme for some unsigned seniors and parents year after year.

I'm pleading with you players and parents to not limit your options to only D1 offers. I've heard of and seen first hand players and parents just ignore calls, recruitment and even offers from D2, D3, NAIA and Junior College programs. I've seen those same kids end up not playing collegiate basketball because by the time they realized they weren't going D1 those different level schools had moved on and signed another prospect.

The state of Texas has produced some of the best Division 2 players in the country, NAIA Texas Wesleyan won a National Championship a few years ago and Junior College basketball in Texas is second to none.

Players like Julian Miranda (Dallas Baptist) Chandler Jacobs (Dallas Baptist) David Chavlovich (West Texas A&M) Joel Murray (West Texas A&M) Marqualen Grant (West Texas A&M) and Caleb Jordan (St. Mary's) have all had or are in the middle of very successful D2 careers. Chavlovich of Arlington Bowie is West Texas A&M's All Time Leading Scorer and just signed a professional contract in Croatia. Miranda , Jacobs and Jordan are the last three winners of the Freshman of the Year Award in the Heartland Conference in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Grant was Freshman of The Year in the Lonestar Conference this year and Murray was First Team All-Defense.

All of these players were probably D1 level talents , they all decided to go D2 or were only offered by schools that weren't D1. They ALL hit the ground running and will have a chance to make some money one day playing this game. More importantly they will all receive college degrees for FREE.

Parents, remember this is about a free education. I've been on several interviews and nobody ever asked me what level my degree was. Players, remember this is about the opportunity to extend your dream of playing collegiate athletics. Be open to ALL levels when being recruited. Don't allow yourself to be D1 or Bust.


Kellen C. Buffington


Twitter: @TheTB5Reports

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